809 Kalispell B'n'Bs & Vacation Rentals from $82 | HomeToGo (2024)

809 Kalispell B'n'Bs & Vacation Rentals from $82 | HomeToGo (1)

809 Kalispell B'n'Bs & Vacation Rentals from $82 | HomeToGo (2)

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Looking for cabins to accommodate a large group in Kalispell?

HomeToGo has many B'n'Bs in Kalispell with eight or more bedrooms and many bathrooms. Find wonderful B'n'Bs for large groups in Kalispell, complete with private pool, large kitchen, and lots of space to enjoy. November is the most affordable month to stay in Kalispell with a big group, when nightly prices for B'n'Bs will range from $198 to $491 per night. Begin searching the top cabins for 8+ people and plan the perfect getaway!

Trying to plan a big family vacation in Kalispell?

Browse HomeToGo's offers of spacious B'n'Bs in Kalispell, suitable for a large family with five or more beds and many washrooms. Kalispell has lots of exciting family-friendly activities to try, including swimming, hiking, biking, and many other outdoor activities. Many B'n'Bs in Kalispell have family-friendly amenities, including private pools, game rooms, hot tubs, and many others. Most B'n'Bs in Kalispell will cost around $308 per day for a family of 4 people but you can find lots of affordable options in Kalispell to choose from. Start browsing for family-friendly B'n'Bs now!

Searching for a remote vacation in Kalispell with your loved one?

Browse luxurious B'n'Bs in Kalispell for a romantic trip, equipped with jacuzzi, sauna, and a wonderful view of Kalispell's surrounding scenery. There are many exciting things to do with your partner during your romantic vacation, including swimming, hiking, biking, and many other outdoor activities. The most affordable time to book is November with prices starting at $82 per day. Search HomeToGo's best B'n'Bs for romantic getaways in Kalispell today!

Information about B'n'Bs in Kalispell

📏Average home size 188 m²
💳Highest rates in October
🛏️Popular home types Apartment rental and House rental
🌡️Hottest months 84 °F in July and August
❄️Coldest months January and December
🌧️Rainiest months 22 rainy days in December and January

Frequently Asked Questions

B'n'Bs in Kalispell: What is the nightly price for a stay?

On average, you can get a great vacation home from $198 and get discounts up to 43%!

B'n'Bs in Kalispell: is there a good selection of vacation homes for groups of guests?

in Kalispell, large groups should consider House rental since they usually fit 7 guests.

B'n'Bs in Kalispell: what types of vacation homes can I book?

You can choose from 198 House rentals and 51 Apartment rentals available in Kalispell.

Are there any B'n'Bs with hot tubs in Kalispell?

Absolutely! Get ready to enjoy an exceptional relaxing experience during your stay in Kalispell! Refresh after a day of hiking or simply to relax and recharge with your loved ones - opt for a B'n'B with a hot tub.

Can I book a Kalispell B'n'B that is close to water?

HomeToGo offers 77 waterfront B'n'Bs in Kalispell. Meaning, you will be able to access water to cool off a few steps away from your rental. Some of our B'n'Bs also offer direct access to the beach.

When is the best time to rent a B'n'B in Kalispell?

If you'd like to rent a B'n'B in Kalispell in summer, keep in mind that typically, the months of July and august are when the temperatures are the highest, reaching around 84°F. If you're thinking of renting a B'n'B in Kalispell during the winter, January and December, are the times when temperatures are the coolest, going as low as 16°F.

Can I book a B'n'B with a pool in Kalispell?

Sure! Explore our selection of Kalispell B'n'Bs with pools for $448 per night on average!

Can I book a pet-friendly B'n'B in Kalispell?

We know how important it is fo you to travel with your pet. This is why there are 210 pet-friendly B'n'Bs for your stay to choose from.

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809 Kalispell B'n'Bs & Vacation Rentals from $82 | HomeToGo (2024)
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