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This page is part of IGN's ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki guide and details everything you need to know about using ARK commands, including a complete list of all commands that are available for both PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

What are ARK Commands

Admin commands or "cheat" commands are used in either single-player mode or a private server (dedicated, non-dedicated and also PC hosted third-party server). These commands will essentially allow you to "cheat." With cheat commands, you can immediately gain experience, make your character larger, increase your weight capacity to infinite, and much more.


How to Use Ark Cheat Commands

In order to enter ANY command, first, the player needs to make sure they have the correct permissions on the server they are currently playing. This can be found either in the server settings or through the use of an admin password.

On previous versions of the game, an admin command bar was present at the top of the start menu, but due to recent updates (v.757 on Xbox One and v.510.3 on PS4), a combination needs to be input simultaneously in the start menu to activate the admin command bar.

  1. Open the start menu.
  2. Now you need to bring up the command bar. Depending on your console, do the following:
    • PC (or keyboard) = Press Tab
    • PS4 = L1 + R1 + Square + Triangle
    • Xbox One = LB + RB + X + Y
  3. Enter enablecheats into the command bar. If ther server has a password, type enablecheats YourPasswordHere
  4. Input a command into the admin command bar. Find a list of all the commands below! Use CTRL+F to find a certain command.

Commands which are written in < .... > are just to provide information and examples. Do not include the < or > when entering the password, only the text or value within it. Also, some codes may or may not require "admincheat" at the start so if you do not see the desired outcome try to add or remove this from the command bar.


Below is a list of all ARK Commands and how to use them in-game.

Enable Cheat

  • enablecheats <passcode></passcode>

This needs to be input into the admin bar before inputting any other admin "cheat" commands (must be re-entered upon each login). The password is within the server control panel and can be created by the server owner/admin.

Set Cheat Player

  • setcheatplayer true



  • setcheatplayer false

When "true" is entered cheat commands are enabled and when "false" is entered cheat commands are disabled.

Add Experience

  • admincheat addexperience <how much="" to="" add=""><from tribe="" share=""></from></how>

<prevent sharing="" with="" tribe="" (1="" -="" only="" you,="" 2="" share="" tribe)=""></prevent>


  • admincheat addexperience 50000 0 1

Experience is used to level up and unlock engrams. This cheat will either level you up, your tribe up or even a dino (enter when mounted on dino/creature)

Allow/Disallow Player To Join No Check

  • admincheat AllowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <steamid> or <psn id=""> or <xbox id=""></xbox></psn></steamid>
  • admincheat DisallowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <steamid> or <psn id=""> or <xbox id=""></xbox></psn></steamid>


This will either allow or remove a player from the server whitelist. Those on the whitelist do not need to enter the password upon entering the server.

Ban Player

  • admincheat BanPlayer <steamid> or <psn id=""> or <xbox id=""><</xbox></psn></steamid>

This will add the selected player to a ban list and so the server will no longer appear for them in the consoles server menu


  • admincheat Broadcast <enter message="" here=""></enter>

All players currently on the server will see a message broadcast on the screen

Change Size

  • ChangeSize <size multiplier="" value=""></size>

This will adjust the model of your character size and will either make them bigger or smaller. However altering this value can cause issues with clipping, sinking, or mobility problems that resemble rubber banding. If you wish to reset your character size you simply need to enter the value or "1"

Clear Player Inventory

  • ClearPlayerInventory <player id=""><clearinventory><clearslotitems><clearequippeditems></clearequippeditems></clearslotitems></clearinventory></player>


Player ID is the Steam, PSN or Xbox ID. You can enter all three "clear" tags or just the specific ones. For example, if you only wanted to clear the players equipped items you would input

  • ClearPlayerInventory <playerid> ClearEquippedItems</playerid>

Clear Tutorials

  • ClearTutorials

<meta />

Debug Structures

  • DebugStructures

Will display the structure information and ID when you look at building or structure.

Destroy All

  • admincheat DestroyAll <type></type>

The <type> is the unique code or line for a dino so if you wanted to destroy all Troodons (we all do) then you would input</type>


  • admincheat DetroyAll Troodon_Character_BP_C

Destroy All Enemies

  • admincheat destroy allenemies

This will destroy all creatures (wild and tamed) that do not belong to the player who inputs the command.

Destroy My Target

  • admincheat DestroyMyTarget

Whatever is in your characters crosshairs will be destroyed upon entering this admin command. No corpse or remains will be left.

Destroy Structures

  • admincheat DestroyStructures

All structures owned by all players will be destroyed instantly on the map. Be careful!

Destroy Tribe Dinos

  • admincheat DestroyTribeDinos


All dinos will be destroyed depending on the player or character which you are looking at. Including all those belonging to the different members of the tribe.

Destroy Tribe Players

  • admincheat DestroyTribePlayers

All tribe members will be destroyed depending on the player or character which you are looking at.

Destroy Tribe Structures

  • admincheat DetroyTribeStructures

All tribe structures will be destroyed depending on the player or character which you are looking at. Including all those belonging to the different members of the tribe.

Destroy Wild Dinos

  • admincheat DestroyWildDinos

Useful when servers become over/underpopulated with certain types of dinos. Important to do this after any change in wild dino behavior or stats in order to add the changes made.

Disable Spectator

  • admincheat DisableSpectator


Due to a player initially entering spectator mode, their character dies, so when you disable and "log out" of spectator mode you will see the respawn menu.

Do Exit

  • admincheat DoExit

This will cause the server you are on the shutdown

Do Restart Level

  • admincheat DoRestartLevel

Use carefully! Will cause an internal restart on the map

Enemy Invisible

  • admincheat EnemyInvisible true


  • admincheat EnemyInvisible false

When true is active, all wild dinos will not attack you on sight and also will not attack if you hit or shoot (attack) them. False with disable enemy invisible and result back to the normal settings.


Exec Set Sleeping

  • admincheat ExecSetSleeping true
  • admincheat ExecSetSleeping false

"true" will put a player to sleep and "false "will wake a player up.


  • admincheat fly

This allows the player to fly around the map and move freely without restraints of gravity or in-game physics. (Walk) command will cancel this and you will fall, so be close to the ground.

Force Tame

  • admincheat ForceTame

This command will instantly force tame any dino or creature that is immediately in front of you and within your crosshairs. The benefit of this with this admin command dinos do not need to have a saddle equipped in order to be ridden. But the falloff is that without a saddle you will have a massive reduction in armor.

Force Player To Join Target Tribe

  • ForcePlayerToJoinTargetTribe <player id=""></player>

This forces a player based on the player ID input to force join the tribe of which you are looking at. You can look at either the tribes' structures or players and the tribe will join them instantly.


Force Player To Join Tribe

  • ForcePlayerToJoinTribe <player id=""><tribename></tribename></player>

This forces the player based on the Player ID input to join the tribe mentioned within the admin command

Force Tribes

  • ForceTribe <playername1><playername2><newtribename></newtribename></playername2></playername1>

Although a little less is known on this admin command and there have been reports on it being temperamental, but the desired effect is that the two player names included in the command will be forced to join the new tribe as names also in the command.

Game Command

  • GameCommand <thecommand></thecommand>

This is used in order trigger or activate a game command, such as run a map or start a new game mode. It would be easier to run this from the back-end admin settings but will still have the same effect

An example of this would be

  • cheat gamecommand startgame


Get Chat

  • getchat

Shows the admin all the game chat similar to that which is shown in the in-game chat box for all players.

Get All States

  • GetAllState <type></type>

Prints all admin entries to console and also to the server log which can be found within the "shootergame.log" file. This can be manually shown again in the admin control page either on console, PC or through the third party provider.

The <type> section, input the item or dino or command line in which you wish to see.</type>

for example

  • admincheat getallstate Dodo_character_BP_C

Get Game Log

Similar to "Get Chat" or "Get All States", this command will send and show all major game log events (restart/stop/start the server) to the ".log" or "servergamelogs" files. This can be printed in PC and can be viewed also in the admin settings control page.

  • GetGameLog



Here you simply enter the GFI command followed by the word of the item that you want. This is a less accurate yet faster way to spawn in items or dinos. If a word you think relates to an item does not work, try another version or that word or another word in the title or item/structure/dino. For example, if you wanted a long neck rifle you would input

  • cheat GFI longneck 15 0 1

The first number input will be the quality, the second will be the quantity or amount and the third will be either 0 for blueprint or 1 for the actual item.


  • admincheat ghost

This command allows the user to freely move around the map regardless of collision barriers and physical objects in the world. So you can pass through structures, dinos, buildings and even the terrain. Can be disabled with the use of the walk command.

Give All Structure

Will allow the user to gain ownership of all tribe/player structures belonging to that which he is looking at (within the crosshairs)

  • giveallstructure

Give Colors

  • givecolors <quantity></quantity>

Will add <quantity> amount of all in-game dyes/colors to the users' inventory</quantity>


Give Engrams

  • admincheat giveengrams

All engrams in game will be unlocked for player/user who enters this command

Give Experience To Player

  • GiveExpToPlayer <playerid><amount><fromtribeshare><sharewithtribe></sharewithtribe></fromtribeshare></amount></playerid>

Simply gives experience to the specified player <player steamid="">, of a decided amount. Only input <fromtribeshare> if you wish to use this command line and also 0 in <sharewithtribe> will share and 1 will not. But it should be noted that this is only effective if giving XP to another player, if you want to use it on yourself or a mount (whilst riding) then use the AddExperience command.</sharewithtribe></fromtribeshare></player>

Give Item

  • GiveItem <blueprintpath><quantity><quality><forceblueprint></forceblueprint></quality></quantity></blueprintpath>

Add the specified blueprint to a players inventory. Quality and quantity can be set and 1 at the end will add blueprint, 0 will not for the last input number under <forceblueprint></forceblueprint>

Give Item Number

  • giveitemnum <itemnumber><quantity><quality><forceblueprint></forceblueprint></quality></quantity></itemnumber>

Will add the specified item straight into the player's inventory based on the Item Number. In <forceblueprint> 1 will add blueprint and 0 will add the item.</forceblueprint>


So for example, if you wanted to spawn in a longneck rifle you would input

  • admincheat GiveItemNum 132 10 1 0

Give Item To Player

  • GiveItemToPlayer <playerid><blueprintpath><quanitty><quality><forceblueprint></forceblueprint></quality></quanitty></blueprintpath></playerid>
  • Gives the specified item or blueprint to the player based on the <playerid> input into the command bar.</playerid>

Give Item Number To Player

  • GiveItemToPlayer <playerid><itemnum><quanitty><quality><forceblueprint></forceblueprint></quality></quanitty></itemnum></playerid>
  • Gives the specified item or blueprint to the player based on the <playerid> input into the command bar.</playerid>

Give Resources

  • admincheat giveresources

This command will add 50 of each resource in the game to the user's inventory. Be mindful that this may easily encumber you if your weight stat is not boosted above 300+ or if you do not have this increased through admin commands


Give Slot Item

  • GiveSlotItem <blueprintpath><slotnumber><quantity></quantity></slotnumber></blueprintpath>

Will add the item based on the <blueprintpath> to the specified hotbar slot 0-9</blueprintpath>

Give Slot Item Number

  • GiveSlotItemNum <itemnum><slotnumber><quantity></quantity></slotnumber></itemnum>

Will add the item based on the <itemnum> to the specified hotbar slot 0-9</itemnum>

Give To Me

  • GiveToMe

This will transfer the targeted dino, item, structure or building to the user who enters this command. However when used on a dino, although the ownership will be transferred it will not be accessible or rideable unless the tame command (forcetame or dotame) is also used.


  • GMBuff

Gives the user Infinite stats, Enemy invisible mode and also God mode with the addition of experience to their player.



  • GMSummon <"type"><level></level>

This command will spawn in the dino including the level selected. Has a similar effect to spawning a dino (summon) and then taming (dotame) whilst still needing a saddle

For example, if you wanted a raptor you would input

  • GMSummon "Raptor_Character_BP_C" 50

God Mode

  • admincheat god

Once entered the player will no longer receive damage from other players, dinos/creatures, explosions, weapons or even fall damage. But it should be noted that they can still receive damage from drowning, hunger, thirst and other natural elements.

Hide Tutorial

  • HideTutorial <tutorialindex></tutorialindex>

This command will hide the tutorial shown based on the index input when the “ShowTutorial” command was input

Hurt Me

  • HurtMe <amount></amount>


This command will damage the player based on the amount input. So if you wanted to hurt yourself or kill yourself you input an amount that matches or exceeds your total health.

For example

  • admincheat HurtMe 125

Infinite Stats

  • admincheat infinitestats

Gives infinite stats to food, water weight, and stamina. Also once entered you will not revive any torpidity from attacks or dinos

(Re-enter command in order to disable the command)

Kick Player

  • Kickplayer <player steamid=""></player>

Will remove the player from the current game server based on the ID entered into the command input bar.


  • Kill


This command will instantaneously kill the targeting dino/creature, building, player or structure that is within your crosshair. It should be noted that when this command is used a corpse will remain so in order to complete “kill” and to leave no remains, use the “DestroyMyTarget” admin command.

Kill Player

  • KillPlayer <player steamid=""></player>

Once entered the specified played <player steamid=""> will be killed</player>

Leave Me Alone

  • LeaveMeAlone

Combination of God Mode, Enemy Invisible and even Infinite Stats. This means that you will not be affected by ANY dino, player, creature, element or condition in the game.

List Players

  • ListPlayers

Will show all players currently connected to the server and will also show you their <player steam="" id=""></player>

Make Tribe Admin

  • MakeTribeAdmin


Will promote you to the admin of a tribe even if you were not the one who created it (you have to be a member of the tribe in question in order for this command to work)

Make Tribe Founder

  • MakeTribeFounder

Will make you the founder go the tribe you are part of, even if you were not the one to originally make it

On Toggle In Game Menu

  • OnToggleInGameMenu

Will open or close in-game menu (currently only used on PC version by hitting the Escape key)

Open Map

  • OpenMap <mapname></mapname>

This will open the map that has been specified in <mapname></mapname>

For example, if you wanted to open the Ragnarok Map you would type in

  • OpenMap Ragnarok


Players Only

  • admincheat Players Only

Players can still all move upon entering this command but all dinos/creatures and even the crafting or items will be suspended or “frozen” until this command is input again into the command bar

Print Colors

  • PrintColors

Prints the Color ID’s (may save these to console but is only effective on PC version)

Remove Tribe Admin

  • RemoveTribeAdmin

Will remove the current tribe admin of your tribe to just simply be a member of that tribe.

Rename Player

  • RenamePlayer <playerid><newname></newname></playerid>

Will change the targeted player name based on their <player steamid="">. A fun command to change the in-game display name of a player but will not affect any other element or property with their game. Purely visual.</player>


Rename Tribe

  • RenameTribe <tribename><newname></newname></tribename>

Will change the targeted tribe name based on their <tribename>. A fun command to change the in-game display name of a tribe but will not affect any other element or property with their game. Purely visual.</tribename>

Request Spectator =

  • RequestSpectator <password></password>

Password is set by the server owner/main admin and can be activated and changed on the server settings page. Once entered will enable request for spectator mode.

Save World

  • admincheat saveworld

Will run a save command and cause all game settings and instances to save

Spirit Command

  • SpiritCommand <commandstring></commandstring>

This is for mod authors only currently, cannot be used for single player mode or private servers as command scripts are accessible only to devs.


SDF - Summon a Creature

  • SDF <dragon_<a href="./Character" rel="mw:WikiLink">Character_BP_C><tamed></tamed></dragon_<a>

This command will spawn in the dino/creature with a random level.

Under <namepart> you enter part or all of the specified dino name and under <tames> enter 1 for tamed or 0 for a wild dino</tames></namepart>

For example, if you wanted to spawn in a random level tamed Gigantosaur you would type

  • sdf giga 1

Server Chat

  • ServerChat <messagetext></messagetext>

Will send and show a server message to all players that are currently connected to the server.

Server Chat To Player

  • ServerChatToPlayer <player steamid=""><messagetext></messagetext></player>

Will send and show a message to the specified player <playerid></playerid>


Set Admin Icon

  • SetAdminIcon “true” or “false”

Will add or remove the admin icon that displays when in the in-game chat whenever an admin writes

Set Baby Age

  • SetBabyAge <agevalue></agevalue>

Will set the age of the baby this is targeted (in players crosshairs)

<agevalue> can range from between 0.01 - 1</agevalue>

Set Facial Hair Percent

  • SetFacialHairPercent <length></length>

Will change the length of the beard

<length> value can range from 0.01 - 1</length>


Set Facial Hair Style

  • SetFacialHairStyle <number></number>

This will change the appearance of the facial hair, numbers correspond to a different style as listed below


  1. Moustache
  2. Goatee
  3. Romantic
  4. Dread Bears
  5. Mutton Chops
  6. Curly Beard
  7. Viking Beard

Set Global Pause

  • SetGlobalPause <ispaused></ispaused>

Will cause everything in game to be paused

Set God Mode

  • SetGodMode enable

Will enable God mode for the player who enters this command and can but toggled off by entering

SetGodMode disable

  • SetGraphicsQuality <quality></quality>


Changes the in-game graphics and quality but only has effect on a PC version of the game in <quality> enter</quality>

  1. Low
  2. Medium
  3. High
  4. Best/Epic

Set Head Hair Percent

  • SetHeadHairPercent <length></length>

Changes the length of players hair

<length> value ranges from 0.01 - 1</length>

Set Head Hair Style

  • SetHeadHairStyle <number></number>

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