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LS22 Produktionen Pack

Placeable Objects
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Barrier pack placeable

Placeable Objects
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Production pack (fruit and vegetables)

Placeable Objects
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Placeable Objects
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SawMill New Version

Placeable Objects
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Multi production

Placeable Objects
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  • 42x56 Shopv1.0.0.04Downloads today206Downloads total0commentsUser rating0said thankspublishedSun, 21 Apr 2024 14:51:04 GMTin - Placeable Objects42ft x 56ft Farm ShopFully animated doors and lightsWorkshop Function36'' Color Matched Designer wall12'' Overhangs24ft x 16ft Overhead door(4) 4x3 WindowsPlease let me know of any errors or... download (12.7 MB)
  • Open Air Gardenv1.2.0.05Downloads today925Downloads total0commentsUser rating2said thankspublishedFri, 19 Apr 2024 14:55:24 GMTin - Placeable ObjectsThese are 3 garden for growing vegetables and fruit outdoors.There is a small, a medium sized and a large garden.In winter, a plastic foil greenhouse appears, protecting the plants from the cold weather... download (6.22 MB)
  • Grass Dryingv1.03Downloads today233Downloads total0commentsUser rating0said thankspublishedFri, 19 Apr 2024 14:53:49 GMTin - Placeable ObjectsHere you can make grass, hay or silage.Name: Grass dryingPrice: 100000$Maintenance: 50$/dayChangelog can now also be made from hay-Bales can now also be processed download (9.95 MB)
  • Large Outdoor Chicken Coopv1.1.0.04Downloads today944Downloads total0commentsUser rating1said thankspublishedFri, 19 Apr 2024 14:40:16 GMTin - Placeable ObjectsThis is a medium and a large free-range chicken coop for happy chickens.Name: Medium free range chicken coopPrice: 10000€Maintenance: 15€/dayCapacity: 500 chickensName: Large free-range chicken... download (1.93 MB)
  • Sheepfoldv1.00Downloads today200Downloads total0commentsUser rating0said thankspublishedFri, 19 Apr 2024 05:18:38 GMTin - Placeable ObjectsMod sheepfold, which was created from scratch. It accommodates 500 heads of sheep and appears near it 24 trays with wool... download (3.93 MB)
  • French Panel Packv1.1.1.07Downloads today205Downloads total0commentsUser rating0said thankspublishedThu, 18 Apr 2024 13:22:11 GMTin - Placeable ObjectsHere is a pack of French panels to decorate your map or create your placeable map.V1.1.1.0- Added new panels- Fixed shadows of "round" panelsCharacteristics:- Price: 15€- You... download (5.41 MB)
  • Farma 400 Storage Dryerv1.0.0.03Downloads today242Downloads total0commentsUser rating0said thankspublishedWed, 17 Apr 2024 08:46:33 GMTin - Placeable ObjectsThis is an edit of the vanilla Farma 400 silo for use with Advanced Addon. Can be used by itself or as an example to convert pretty much any silo to a grain/storage dryer.I need to... download (2.63 MB)
  • Tohvakka's cowshedv1.0.0.14Downloads today227Downloads total0commentsUser rating0said thankspublishedWed, 17 Apr 2024 08:46:25 GMTin - Placeable ObjectsHey here I have a cowshed from the game "my summer car"BETA-Fixed food trigger-Alligned milk trigger-Fixed warningsTohvakka's cowshedPrice: 25.000 €daily... download (4.35 MB)
  • Bunker Silo Setv1.0.1.01Downloads today230Downloads total0commentsUser rating0said thankspublishedMon, 15 Apr 2024 16:00:36 GMTin - Placeable ObjectsIn this set there is a bunker silo with a capacity of 500,000 liters. It can be placed directly next to each other and expanded using the snapping function.There are two walls and a ramp that can be... download (3.34 MB)
  • Worn Liquid Storage Tankv1.0.0.01Downloads today244Downloads total0commentsUser rating0said thankspublishedSun, 14 Apr 2024 07:31:25 GMTin - Placeable ObjectsLiquid storage tank.LIQUIDFERTILIZERHERBICIDEMILKWATERDIESELDEF download (13.5 MB)
  • Animal Product Warehousev1.1.0.02Downloads today979Downloads total0commentsUser rating0said thankspublishedSat, 13 Apr 2024 07:11:23 GMTin - Placeable ObjectsYou can store animal products and all other products in the animal product warehouse.Price: 2500$Maintenance: 10$/dayChnagelog storage system installed download (137 KB)
  • Wood Pellet Factoryv1.1.0.01Downloads today261Downloads total0commentsUser rating0said thankspublishedFri, 12 Apr 2024 19:07:43 GMTin - Placeable ObjectsFully animated wood pellet production, this pellet is used to heat homes or other buildings via a boiler or pellet stove. This production facility is housed in 2 wood-clad buildings measuring 48m x... download (86.3 MB)
  • Cattle Feed Lot Packagev1.0.0.04Downloads today230Downloads total0commentsUser rating0said thankspublishedFri, 12 Apr 2024 12:40:09 GMTin - Placeable ObjectsCattle Feedlot PackageIncludes:Wind Breaker Panel (updaed model and collisions physics)Slanted Wind BreakerSunshade PanelNew 24' 10" Free Standing PanelRusty 24... download (20.3 MB)
  • Sprinkler Irrigation Placeablev1.0.0.03Downloads today250Downloads total0commentsUser rating0said thankspublishedFri, 12 Apr 2024 08:50:00 GMTin - Placeable Objects1.0.0.0The height of the sprinklers was increased and their rotation speed was increased.Hey guys, this time I'm here to bring you the beta phase of the animated Sprinkler Irrigation placement... download (4.84 MB)
  • Polish Building With Cowsv1.0.0.02Downloads today212Downloads total0commentsUser rating0said thankspublishedThu, 11 Apr 2024 13:50:33 GMTin - Placeable ObjectsPolish Housing With Cows:-Polish style barn with garage-Cow capacity: 22 head-Price: 75,000-Maintenance: 60 per day-Supports Manure System-Clean logDanielix332 FS19, Cisek FS19, Miziuu Convert... download (59 MB)
  • LIZARD Underground Storage Facilityv1.0.0.02Downloads today328Downloads total0commentsUser rating0said thankspublishedTue, 09 Apr 2024 15:28:38 GMTin - Placeable ObjectsThe LIZARD Combine Underground Storage Facility is a state-of-the-art storage facility designed specifically for storing agricultural vehicles such as tractors, combines, and other large farming equipment... download (2.03 MB)
  • Shed by Janoov1.0.0.01Downloads today210Downloads total0commentsUser rating0said thankspublishedTue, 09 Apr 2024 15:26:11 GMTin - Placeable ObjectsShelter for the combine harvester. It has a mesh occluder and parallax.Price: $8,000Maintenance: $10 download (6.4 MB)
  • Garage's With Sliding Doorsv1.1.0.11Downloads today973Downloads total0commentsUser rating0said thankspublishedMon, 08 Apr 2024 15:56:34 GMTin - Placeable ObjectsGarage with sliding door- Price: $30.000- Daily upkeep: $20 /dayGarage with two sliding doors- Price: $35.000- Daily upkeep: $20 /dayChangelog Improved clearArea and levelArea... download (12.9 MB)
  • Zabudowa Sami Swoiv1.0.0.02Downloads today241Downloads total0commentsUser rating0said thankspublishedMon, 08 Apr 2024 15:55:19 GMTin - Placeable ObjectsI am not the Author of the Model, I just repaired itCorrected:Added pigs as in Fs19Fixed TexturesChanging IconAdding Collision to Gates and DoorsFixed gate opening download (19.7 MB)
  • Polish cowshed white brickv1.0.0.03Downloads today229Downloads total0commentsUser rating0said thankspublishedMon, 08 Apr 2024 11:09:37 GMTin - Placeable ObjectsFS22 Polish cowshed white brickA nice Polish-style barnCapacity 30 cowsopening gates download (43.9 MB)

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