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Reduced the rice wine to a quarter cup, tossed the veggies in the sauce and roasted in a 425 oven until nicely caramelized. Thai basil at the last minute. Easy, delicious, and less effort.


This is a great recipe. Use Taiwanese rice wine if possible and I'd throw in some scallions near the end and use a bit more ginger. I've had this done in veg restaurants in Taiwan a few times. Some other ideas for what to put in for a little variety:Spring bamboo shootsWater chestnuts (lightens it up)Soy products, especially popular in China/Taiwan is "vegetarian chicken" 素鸡Bell pepperNot traditional in vegetarian renditions since many Buddhists won't eat it but I'd also throw in an onion.


Made some changes--no sweet potato (seemed to unbalance things), substituted gin for rice wine based on a websearch and actually having a lot of good gin on hand. Added onions and mushrooms per other suggestions. Used parsnips and carrots as the major vegetables. Less sesame oil because I had less than I thought. I thought the result was delicious, served over rice noodles. Just the right amount of punch, not as bland as others suggest.


Loved this recipe and will make it again, but will make a few adjustments. I used equal parts parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, and turnips but found it to be too much sweet potato. Will increase turnips, which had the best texture and went best with the sauce. Will also add more garlic (plenty in this recipe, but I love it), substitute Thai basil, and toss in some scallions in 1" pieces and cubed firm tofu.


Rice wine is very different from rice vinegar. Specifically, Three-cup dishes should ideally use either Taiwanese or Jiangsu clear rice wines. The big Taiwan brand is called 红标米酒, which is made from glutinous rice and comes with a pink label.


This recipe is brilliant! The sauce was 5 stars!!I used carrots, turnips, rutabaga, parsnips, sweet potatoes and scallions. I looked at the others comments and followed Alex's advice and ordered what I think is rice wine (红标米酒) from Amazon. The label was indeed pink and the only English word referred to it as cooking "Michiu." Either way, it tasted very different from rice wine vinegar and Chapeau to Alex for the spot on recommendation! My new go-to stir fry sauce.


Made this almost as written - except I didn't have any chinese rice wine. Sacrilege, I know, but I just used the chilled white wine that was in my fridge. DELICIOUS! Also sacrilege - I had some cabbage that had to get used up- so sliced up a wedge and threw it in. Also DELICIOUS! I'll be making this whenever my veg drawer is begging to be emptied. Thanks for the great recipe. So easy.


A more traditional veg version would be with king oyster / king trumpet mushrooms and bamboo, and / or with tofu.


Followed the suggestion of doing this in oven by tossing the veggies in the sauce in a cast iron skillet - put the skillet in the oven to roast. Substituted reduced amt of fish sauce for soy (allergy) and also added more garlic Yummy!


Delicious!! Used 1/2 cup of gin in place of the 3/4 cup rice wine. Worked really well. HOWEVER-- follow the directions and use low-sodium soy sauce for the love of all that's holy. I used regular soy sauce (technically tamari), and it felt like I was downing a whole canister of Morton's. Now, I LOVE salt. Like, I put it in my coffee (jk). I thought I could handle regular soy sauce, and that the low-sodium direction must be for all the old people who read the NYT. Oh hubris.


This would generally be served with some stir fried greens on the side (jielan/Chinese broccoli are a good choice for early March, otherwise bok choy or water spinach would fit; kale or spinach would also work, use lots of garlic but go easy on the oil). Three cup chicken/veg is a "下饭" dish - meant to make you want to eat lots of rice.


I love the flavor of this dish but the vegetables either burn or turn to mush. On my third attempt, I roasted the vegetables on two baking sheets at 400 until they were brown. I made the sauce on the stovetop and added ginger and garlic to the and let it simmer and reduce while I roasted the vegetables. I mixed the noodles into the sauce before serving and then dished out the noodles with roasted vegetables on top and torn basil. We added additional soy sauce as needed. Such an improvement!


Hi- just so i am understanding.. you tossed the raw veg with uncooked sauce and roasted in oven?


This was delicious. I altered slightly- used butternut squash, precut from the market, and carrots. I doubled the amount of ginger. Added in some asparagus at the end. Served it over some Chinese noodles. A little extra chili paste really kicked it up and balanced the sweetness. So good, will be going into regular rotation.


This was delicious with the following alterations: used carrots, turnips, and broccoli (stems went in with the root vegetables, little florets towards the end); doubled the ginger; halved the oil; omitted the brown sugar. We would have used basil if available; since it wasn't, we made a note to try the recipe again with basil once it comes into season. Indeed, we'll be making this recipe again anyway.


I've made this several times, mostly with rutabagas, turnips, carrots, and parsnips. Sweet potato is good but cooks too fast. I use mirin and skip the brown sugar--it's sweet enough. Water chestnuts are a great addition. Served over brown rice. A great winter dish!

Lisa Conn

Yum, I sautéed some veggies I had on hand - green beans, onions, oyster mushrooms and cubed sweet potato. I followed some of the suggestions: cut back on rice wine (mine had salt which did make it a little too salty-next time I'll use dry vermouth), added cumin and cardamom and threw in some leftover cubes of pineapple with their juice. Finished with squeeze of lime and topped with Thai basil and chopped scallions.

From 5 Weeknight Dishes

Can use only two kinds of veggies and serve with seared or pan fried tofu.


Reduced the rice wine to a quarter cup, tossed the veggies in the sauce and roasted in a 425 oven until nicely caramelized. Thai basil at the last minute. Easy, delicious, and less effort.


Cashews are a nice addition. But we thought this needed a lot more ginger.


Used 3 carrots, 1 turnip, 4 parsnips, and 2 beets. Roasted the cubed veggies for 25 minutes while I cooked the garlic, ginger, and two dried Thai chiles in the sauce on the stovetop. As the veggies finished cooking, I added them to the sauce. Served over wild rice with fresh basil and scallions. Next time, I'll quarter the garlic instead of keeping the cloves whole, and maybe add a few more. Might use one chile next time and more ginger.


I made with parsnips, turnips, and sweet potatoes. Used Tamari (3 Tbsp) plus equal water, instead of 6 Tbsp soy sauce, since one guest was gluten-free. Added one cup of basil since that was all I had. Delicious!


Substituted dry sherry for the rice wine, because rice wine was not gluten free. Worked great!

Jamie LaRue

I didn't really want all the root vegetables, so I did red pepper, green beans, carrots, and broccoli, and it was excellent!


I cannot have soy sauce,can you suggest an alternate?griffin

paul G. Owens

Coconut Secret Soy Free made with coconut aminos


Really enjoyed this, would definitely make it again but would skip the sweet potato ad the texture wasn’t great.

Kate T

Delicious! The sauce is amazing. Used sherry instead of rice wine. A great way to use all the carrots and parsnips from the CSA. And don’t skimp on the basil! Can’t wait to reheat the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.


Needs acid to balance out the heaviness of the sweet+salty. We tried a dash of rice vinegar, which worked wonders to brighten the flavors and cut through the sweetness of the dish.


Amazingly delicious! Perfect for meal prep. As someone suggested some time ago, I also roast the veggies and then add the sauce at the end. Love it so much!


I did not have an issue with this cooking thoroughly per the stovetop instructions- everything was sliced to .25 inch thickness and had plenty of time and heat in the skillet. I did however have the wrong kind of soy sauce so only used 4 tbsp after reading about how salty it can get. Everything cooked perfectly and tasted good and then DH said hey try sprinkling some salt and pepper on it lol and I did and he was right it went from good to excellent.

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Three-Cup Vegetables Recipe (2024)
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